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Probate Real Estate transaction.
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Meet The Team
We have an exceptional team of probate real estate experts to give you professional, first-class service. 

Julia Cohen, our Transaction Coordinator with 14 years of TC experience, ensures probate sales close without glitches or missed deadlines.  

Extending our Los Angeles reach, property agent Coco Shelburne handles listings in the south beach cities, from Playa del Rey to Long Beach. 

Our Dedicated Court Liaison is there for all Court Confirmation Hearings to garner the highest proceeds from the sale.

Our Legal and Title Representatives work brilliantly and thoroughly so we close with Title clear of liens and encumbrances.
Coco Shelburne
Julia Cohen

Transaction Coordinator

South Beach Cities Specialists 

Kind Words from our Clients

True Professionals
from Sayuri Olivera

The death of my grandfather was such a stressful time, and having Lori and Patricia handle the home sale was the best decision I made. They really put in the time and energy to make sure the house sold in a timely manner. They have so much knowledge which helped me tremendously. They were available to me through various forms of communication, which made signing docs a breeze. During this difficult time, you need a team that will handle everything efficiently, successfully and 
present a clean transaction. Thank you for giving us exactly what you promised! Thank you for your hard work and honesty.  

No words
from Cipriano Salazar, Fiduciary

Good morning Lori, I do not have the vocabulary that would express the great job you performed over this long unpredictable process. Your patience, understanding, cooperativeness, flexibility and courtesies are truly appreciated.  Excellent work by you and your partner.

from D. Poulsen, Executor

I have been impressed with your professionalism and diligence. Thank you for a better than expected result.
Above and Beyond
from Max Schulze, Administrator
Excellent level of service and professionalism in selling a difficult property.  
I appreciated Lori and Patricia going above and beyond the norm in all aspects
of the transaction.